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Printing of visiting cards, invitations, diplomas, menus, inserts to correspondence, leaflets...

A visiting card is usually a rectangular cardboard used at the moment of making an acquaintance. It is an indication of kindness and allows to provide a contact and advertising information. A visiting card has either a personal or an official nature. A personal card is more economical with words and contains name of its owner, sometimes an academic title or an officer rank, it can also contain contact information. A business card is more elaborate and usually contains logo of a company, name of its owner and his position, contact data: address, e-mail address, phone number, type of business run by a company with reference to website, sometimes it contains additional information for example a full name of a company, bank account, location map, photo of its owner or photo of a product, etc.

Visiting cards are printed in standard sizes 90 x 50 mm or 85 x 55 mm. Full-colour laser printing on digital machines makes it possible to produce small amounts without any graphic limitations. The final effect depends on a designer's imagination and taste of an employer. We prepare design of a visiting card free of charge, it remains in our “database” and at any moment it can be corrected and printed once again.

High quality cardboards applied during printing of visiting cards are also being used during printing of invitations, diplomas, menus, etc. that is in each case when the aesthetic effect is of high importance.

If you urgently need visiting cards, invitations ...print them at XEROFAN at the Warsaw Centre