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Office formats – printouts, copying, scanning A5, A4, A3

Would you like to print, scan or copy something at the centre of Warsaw? Please visit our office at Wspólna Street!

The photo presents a real mess, but small format is only a watchword. This service includes copying of various types of original texts, printouts from many applications and carriers, application of different materials for printing substrates. In order to perform such services we are equipped with copying, printing and scanning machines, each of them is specialised in a different field.


  • printing an air ticket from an e-mail, an offer or a price list from the Internet, photos from a memory card ......
  • printing from a pendrive, external drive, CD, DVD
  • printing thesis, master's or bachelor's dissertation, engineering or doctoral thesis ....
  • printing from Word, Excel, Power Point, Open Office, Acrobat Reader, Corel, etc
  • printing documents, diplomas, contracts, letters, letterhead paper ...
  • copying identity cards, passports, membership cards, school report cards ...
  • copying notes, cards, scraps, receipts, invoices, certificates ...
  • copying promotional, advertising and conference materials, brochures ...
  • copying reports, evaluations, experts' opinions with colour photo material
  • designing and fast digital printing of identifiers, leaflets, notices, entrances ...
  • copying photos from the old family albums with quality correction and image calibrating
  • scanning documents and sending them to the provided e-mail address
  • scanning maps, plans, projects, technical documentation and digital recording on any data carrier
  • scanning of text with OCR recognition for further edition
  • scanning to .tiff, .jpg, .doc file formats, automatic scanning to .pdf with a possibility of correcting image
  • we make graphic designs, give advice on preparation of materials for digital printing
  • we help in editing formal texts and offer copying texts to the computer
  • we cut own and customers' materials on a cutter
  • we sort, perforate, staple, reinforce edges, cut, glue ....


  • we apply paper and white cardboard of density from 80 to 250 g/m2, paper and colour cardboard of density 80-160 g/m2
  • we make printouts and copies on transparent projector film
  • we offer wide range of self-adhesive papers, labeled in various sizes of labels
  • we make stickers for CD, DVD and colour covers
  • we print copies or photo printouts on special photographic paper for photocopying machines
  • we have special tracing paper for copying technical drawings