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Large format

Photocopies in formats A2, A1, A0, A0+ Copying of technical documentation. Printouts of a project documentation from a file. Digital recording of engineering drawings. Copying maps, plans ...

Small format

Fast, low-cost digital printing, printouts, black and colour copies A4, A3. Copying documents, personal identity cards, passports. Printouts of diploma, master's dissertations, etc


Scanning of black and colour documents up to A0+. Scanning a document and sending it to the e-mail address. Recording scans on pendrives,CD,DVD. Scanning of technical documentation. OCR scanning, .pdf, .jpeg ..

E-mail printouts

Access to the Internet and electronic mail. Access to edition of a document on a computer. Printouts from various data carriers. Sending orders, approval of projects for printing via e-mail.

Visiting cards

One-sided and two-sided visiting cards from 50 items. Digital quality of print in full colour. Printing of diplomas, invitations, leaflets, menus. Graphic design free of charge. Visiting cards at the Warsaw Centre.

Office materials

"Office emergency" at the Warsaw Centre. Do you need something for your office? Copy and printer paper, cash register rolls, envelopes, loose-leaf binders, files, tapes, forms, pens, batteries, CD, DVD, staples ...


Soft and hard binding of diploma, master's, bachelor's, engineer's dissertations. Book binding, spiral, thermal and clamped binding. Book bindings of technical documentation up to 15 cm of spine width.


Flash system Sun Stamper. Efficient, durable Modico stamps providing an excellent impression. Pocket-size, round, desk, with dates, small, large and very large. Stamps at the Warsaw Centre.